Epi 8: Award vs Reward ft Ashika Kuruvilla

In this episode of ‘A Bougie Conversation’, Adam and Jordan sit down with NYC photographer Ashika Kuruvilla to discuss films, photography, and the creative process. Enjoy.

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A Bougie Podcast

Wellllllll, it’s been quite some time since I began talking about wanting to do some kind of “audio-review” or podcast on the visual medium. After many attempts, Adam Glenn and myself decided to try something out. I’m going to go ahead and call this “The Bougie Chat” episode 1 (That name may change). We kept this one short because, more than anything, it was an experiment.

Comin to ya live from Photoville: In this episode we talk cameras (and probably shit on your favorite brand), Photoville, and last but not least, Mother! (Spoiler Alert!)

Adam mic 2 (BW)