Artist Bio

Jordan Campbell (born November 13th, 1993) is a NYC based Filmmaker, Photographer and Artist. He is founder of the film criticism site and production house Bougie Productions. He graduated from Rutgers in 2015 with a degree in Visual Arts and a specialization in Media and Digital Filmmaking. In 2015 Campbell studied independently under media artist and Guggenheim fellow Natalie Bookchin, who influenced him to work not solely on single-channel film projections, but to put media in a space with multi-channel film installations.

From his piece, A Brief Moment Under The Sun, a multi-channel video and sculpture installation on the prison industrial complex, to his web mini-series Adam, an exploration of the sex lives and habits of young New Yorkers, Jordan Campbell’s work often features heavy social commentary. He doesn’t view Film and Media solely as forms of entertainment, but as a tool that provides a voice to the disenfranchised and unheard.

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Lately, Campbell’s main projects include his web mini-series Adam and his film criticism site His goal with Bougie Reviews is not just to critique films, but to illuminate the plethora of visual work and story’s of under-represented artists, as well as ask tough questions when it comes to representation of all peoples on the screen. Campbell is also a film educator at Eagle Academy high school in Brooklyn, as well as elementary and middle schools in Manhattan. His aim is for his students to gain an understanding of the language and tools of Filmmaking, in order to have the power to change the images on screen by telling their own stories to audiences.