Review: The Lobster

If you’re into Film then chances are that you’ve been hearing a lot about The Lobster, or perhaps you’ve already seen it. This film, Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, had been on my list of ‘must sees’ for a while. A good friend of mine had told me he just saw it, and that it was so good that he was willing to see it with me again on that very day if I wanted to go. So of course, just like that, I was on my way. It was also my first time going to the BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn, which is a beautiful theater and if you have the chance you must watch a film there. It’s a good departure from the sometimes overbearing atmosphere of your standard Loews or Regal theater. With all that said, we all sat down in that blanket of darkness that brings a room full of strangers together as an audience, and watched The Lobster.


Now I can say without hesitation, The Lobster, is a good film. At times I found it great. However the film didn’t impact me the way it seemed to have impacted others. Serving as a clever allegory to world of dating and human relationships, there is a reason why everything from the colors, to the delivery of dialogue, is utterly gray; however, message aside, I just found it too heavy. Not heavy in the sense of having such great depth, but this constant monotone just seemed to weigh it all down at times.

There are powerful moments in this film, scenes that will make you cringe, laugh, gasp, and shield your eyes. But even through all of this, I found it hard to care, I mean really care, about any of it. Lanthimos depicts a whole world so lifeless, cold, and cruel, that we know no matter how much we want to see Farrell and Weisz’s characters succeed, there is no chance of it happening. And if succeeding means being accepted into the social order of the world they live in, then we don’t really want that either. Perhaps my problem was that from the outset, I saw no hope for them in sight, and that didn’t change throughout any point in the film.


I have to admit, when I first stepped out of the theater, I wasn’t impressed. However the more time I’ve had to think about the film, the more I’ve appreciated what it was able to do (this is also why it can be detrimental to review a film right away). If you can, try and see it more than once because I can assure you that Lanthimos is trying to say a lot more than what he presents to you on the screen. So yes, you should see The Lobster, if anything watch it to see what a world modeled after our ideas of relationships and dating could be like if we’re not careful; but take it with a grain of salt, and leave all the hype you’ve heard about the film at the door. I guarantee you will enjoy it more.

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